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Who we are

Brad, Teasy, Ben, Charlie & Ruby.  We've always been drawn to adventure,  travel and enjoying life to the fullest. 
We're business owners; Brad is an entrepreneur to the core while Teasy has the not always fun job of keeping his dreams in check.  One dream that neither of us want to temper is taking this time to spend with our boys on board Hangtime.  Ben (11) is kind and gentle, he loves Lego, reading and using his imagination.  He can be quiet but get him with the right group of kids and he's the loudest voice in the room. 
Charlie (9) keeps a smile on all of our faces with his antics and impressions.  He's funny and so fun to be around.  He's also an excellent reader and quite the math whiz especially when it comes to money.
Ruby is the latest addition, a Havanese puppy who loves attention.   She's sweet and always wants to be around people.  She can easily lounge on the boat for a few days during a passage or really turn it on when we get to the beach for playtime.


Where we've been

Hangtime came to us brand new off the line in La Rochelle France.  Teasy, along with the delivery crew got her to Bahamas in early 2017.  Brad hopped on board and got her to Canada in June of that year where the whole family moved on board for our full time transition.  

Since then we have spent 2 incredible summers cruising the Maritime provinces of Canada pulling into ports in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.  

The winters were spent in the Caribbean starting as far North as Bahamas and as far South as Grenada visiting all stops in between. 


Where we're going

We know we are not alone in saying that COVID has really thrown a wrench in our 2020 plans and we're quite uncertain as to what 2021 will bring.  
We're hopeful that we can get through the Panama Canal and cruise the South Pacific and onward to New Zealand by the end of 2021. 
As they say the plans of sailors are written in the sand at low tide and are regularly changed, modified or even erased.  Whatever happens, we're happy to be on board, wherever the wind blows us and will make the most of whatever situation and location we find ourselves in.

Check us out on You Tube

Check us out on You Tube

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